Install Word Press on a Local Machine

  • Download MAMP
  • I am using MAMP Pro. Unpack and install it.
  • Create database with name porcaroo_blendnik in local MAMP myPhpAdmin
  • Unpack and edit config.php
  • Go to localhost:8888/blendnik/wp-admin/install.php and follow the directions
  • Install the necessary plugins (FLV and Flash Grand)
  • Make a couple of posts with an image and a video and text
  • The php.ini files for MAMP need to have their memory limit upped to something bigger than 8MB, I made it 100MB.  The FLAGallery  complained then I had to go on a wild goose chase to figure out why.
  • Used wordpress classic theme
  • When adding the FLA gallery had to make a custom size for it to look right.
  • When inserting the pictures and videos it was possible to use
    relative paths, eg: wp-content/movies/
  • OK there are problem with .flv files.  Stick with QuickTime
  • Another thing:  There was one point where I ran into a problem where phpMyAdmin stoppped working.  The way to make it come back was to delete MAMP and MAMP Pro and re-install from the .dmg file, license code=MP-0FA4-5FDC-421D-07800

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