iOS provisioning profiles and certificates and app IDs

Instructions for iOS6
  • First sign up as an Apple Developer
  • Login and then go to the Provisioning Portal
  • Create an app ID.  DON’T USE A WILDCARD!!!!!  Note you cannot delete these app ids unless you call Apple and ask for help at 408-974-4897
  • In your Info.plist file, specify something like com.mycompany.myappname for Bundle Identifier.  It has to match what you did when you created the app id. EXCEPT DON’T put the numbers in front!  Don’t do 8NX26& just put in com.coolapps.waycool
  • Now create a Developer Certificate, later you can create a Distribution Certificate, but for now just create a new developer certificate.  Revoke the existing one if it’s giving you problems.
  • Follow the instructions for using Key Chain Access to generate a “Certificate Signing Request”.  Once this is done, you upload it into the Distribution Certificate area.
  • Go to the devices tab and add all your devices.
  • Now go to Provisioning / Development and click on New Profile.  Make sure you pick the Developer Certificate the app id you just created, and then select the devices you want to have in the profile.  I just select all of them normally.
  • Now download the profile and double-click on it.  This puts it in Xcode and the key chain.  But YOU ALSO NEED TO DO THIS: Refresh in the organizer.   Why?  Apple says “Xcode gets confused”
  • Now go to the project and targets and pick the provisioning profile and then build to the phone.
  • Now follow the same steps and make an ad-hoc distribution profile.

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