Major Bugs/Limitations in Blender Game Engine

  • Alpha flickering/tearing
    • Sometimes you get unexpected results with alpha when there are multiple meshes involved
  • Ipo morphing
    • They way I do Ipo morphing seems awkward – I actually have to calculate the orientation matrix myself to take the weighted average of ipoMorph1 and ipoMorph2.  If there was a way to evaluate any Ipo channel with a different number on each frame we’d be far better off
  • VideoTexture module
    • Updating the range every frame seems to stop the video
    • Speed changes don’t seem to keep up when you change videoTexture.source.framerate
    • No way to set a specific frame number (looking at the source this seems rather doable)
    • Can’t get Camera input on Mac OSX Leopard
    • VideoTexture module not supported on PowerPC machines (G4 and earlier)

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