Making Ipos from Paths

Note:  For cameras do the same thing, but make the camera be a child of an empty and animate the empty (or is it the other way around?)

Quick Steps

  • Start from bnk/examples/template/template.blend
  • Add  Curve/Nurbs Circle
  • Add a Camera
  • Select Camera, Select Nurbs circle, Control-P, Make Parent/Follow Path
  • Animate to see if it’s following.
  • Orient camera to the Nurbs Circle (make dotted line dissappear).  Hint:  Put the camera down float in the X-Y plane and have it be at at 45 degree angle)
  • Edit the curve as desired, make sure the camera still follows it
  • Select the Camera only
  • Load the bakeIPOs script into the Text Window
  • Alt-P to run the script
  • Save the IPO generated on the copy of the camera, delete the curves and the extra camera
  • Edit the generated IPO curves if needed, they are not always perfect.  Also you want to save the IPO but  hitting F next to it so you we can later switch it out with the IPO that’s named after the object.
  • Scale the IPO to the desired length.  The path we made was only 100 frames long by default.  If you really want you could make the original path length exactly as long as the animation cycle but it isn’t always necessary (it’s an aesthetic choice)
  • Easier for an object that’s not a camera

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