Better pack my … from T. Anthony

I’ve been too damn serious.  So I did this (transcribed from Diary of a Mad Housewife):

That was Hoddison on the phone. We’re flying to Witchita at noon.
Will you please pack my bag for me Teen?  I’ll send Miss Newbie by for
it in about an hour.

Better pack my gray glen plaid woostered from Sills and 4 pairs of
gray Lyle socks, and since I’ll be in court in most of the time, give
me 4 pale blue shirts, two Oxford voyle, two Sea Island cotton.

I’ll leave the ties up to you, but keep the suit in mind.  Don’t
forget my robe from Turnville and Asser, and my black wing tipped
shoes, not the new ones, the ones I ordered last year from Peel’s.

And put everything in my Oxblood cowhide tan two-suiter the one from
T. Anthony.