New Camera: Canon EOS Relbel T2i EOS 550D

First impressions.

  • For low light go to P mode and pick the highest ISO possible.  Go to Shooting Settings Display and then hit the ISO button, pick 6400.  Night shots start looking good.
  • Also try the continuous drive mode (page 70 of the manual)

Example of how to send email from PHP and use jquery and javascript to return a result to a div

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download this file:
  • Unpack it and put it somewhere on a webserver

  • Edit email settings in emailExample/emailComment.php

Go to emailExample/emailExample.php in your browser and try it out.
If the output comes to a blank window it means something is wrong with your javscript setup.

I included the relevant javascript files in
If you want to download the latest javascript files, do the following

  • Download jquery-1.6.3.min.js and copy to folder
  • Go to and pick grab the minified version. As of this writing it was here:

  • Download jquery.form.js and copy to emailExample folder
  • Get it from